Welcome to Freezeworld, the best place in Sacramento. Great Food and Good Vibes. We also have a clothing line and other accessories dedicated in the memory of brother Keith Marquette Price, AKA Freezie, a solid force that governed the community of Marin City California, better known as the jungle, the 200, all day everyday. In Marin City, where its even hard for the strong to survive, Marquette was the king of the jungle. A true legend, that will be missed, and was bigger than life. His spirit will live on because Legends don’t die . This brand an business was created under a lot of life’s trials and pressure, but giving up is never an option. I took all the pressure and stayed 10 toes down and made diamonds.. “FREEZE” WORLD CLOTHING” is for all the loved ones that we lost in the struggle, especially the kings and queens who had a positive influence over our lives. Here is a way we can keep their memory alive with style and class. Very well thought out put together designs, and fine prints that can be worn winter spring summer and fall to show respect and to represent our Legends with pride because Legends don’t die….